Paul Krabbenhoft

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District 1

Experienced Leadership

About Paul

Paul is a lifelong resident of Clay County who grew up on and farmed the family farm south of Moorhead until 1990. He then moved to south Moorhead and has been a Fargo-Moorhead realtor for the past 34 years. He is a husband to his wife Carol, a father to two daughters, and a grandfather to five grandchildren.

Paul has a lifetime of experience in public service and leadership roles on both a local and state level. Over the last 25 years, he has been appointed to multiple committees within Clay County and the City of Moorhead including the areas of planning and zoning, board of adjustments and long-term planning. He has served on the Clay Soil and Water Conservation District Board for 37 years. He is currently serving as the President of the Minnesota Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts, presiding over 88 Minnesota districts; and he represents Clay County on the Buffalo Red River Watershed District Board.


As the demands for social services increase with our growing population, Paul will be proactive in meeting the need for protection and treatment of our youth and adults.

Paul will be committed to upholding a sustainable budget and making sure that essential services are met in these inflationary times.

Paul will advocate for core policies that enhance a safe community by supporting a strong public safety system and the public health resources that meet the needs of our diverse community.

As an experienced advocate for clean water and soil conservation efforts, Paul will seek environmental protections of our water and land resources.

What is a County Commissioner?

A county commissioner is a key policymaker for the county overseeing the administration of the county, setting the county budget, and participating in the county's long-range planning to name a few of the responsibilities. They oversee a wide variety of public health, social service, and welfare programs as well as participate in the implementation of county fiscal management policies.

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